About Me

What does SyxAxis mean?

SyxAxis represents the six axis of view that photographers are constantly aware of. We look forward to the future and to the view ahead. We remember the past to ensure we continue to improve. We’re aware of the present to either side of us. We look down to remind us to stay grounded and we look to the sky, studying the light but also to dream of images we wish to capture.

Hello, my name is George Johnson and welcome to my photography website!

I’ve been a dedicated hobbyist and amateur landscape photographer for almost 10 years. I have sold numerous images all over the world to such clients as Microsoft, Boeing, Japan Airlines and many newspapers and publications. I have been fortunate enough to have images printed in several magazines and attained winning and commended images in several prestigious competitions.

I am a contributer to the very prestigious Getty Images archive where my images are highly sought after. I have been shooting photographs since I was 4 years old, well over 40 years now.

Please stay, view and enjoy my images. Limited edition canvases and signed prints are available via my GALLERY.

A few of my favourites ...